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Sharing the Joy of Dance Since 1974

​​Tickets on sale NOW for 2016 DANCE MAGIC, ADP's annual show

7 p.m. Saturday, March 5, at Wichita's Orpheum Theatre. ​

​For more information see our contact page or call 316-210-1625

Introductory Prices
$65: 8 weeks/1 class per week (one hour)
$90: 8 weeks/2 classes per week (two hours)
$10: Drop in fee to take one class
FREE: Observation of a class with instructor's consent
​          Introductory price includes one yoga class per week. See other classes page for schedule.
Basics classes are interchangeable within the introductory price
Continuing Student Prices 
$30 per month, 1 class per week

$60 per month, 2 classes per week
$75 per month, 3 classes per week
$90 per month, 4 classes per week
​ $100 per month, 5 or more classes per week
​ Yoga free - one class per week.

Amira's offers classes in a variety to styles in addition to our basics. Explore the world of dance and fitness with our instructors!
Amira Dance Productions is proud to offer a wide variety of dancers or dance troupes to entertain your guests at your next event! Please contact us via email to discuss rates and availability.

Amira's basics classes are designed to introduce you to the world of cultural dance, providing a sense of well-being and self-confidence by giving our students a feeling of accomplishment and improved self image. Dance training improves coordination and discipline while toning muscles, reshaping your body and feeding your heart!


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Other Classes And fees

Basics Classes and Fees