Our troupes and friends

Fille de la Lune - ADP Gypsy Caravan troupe

Flamenco en Wichita- ADP Flamenco classes

Gameel Danse - ADP Eygptian dance troupe

Hoop Honeys - ADP Hula Hoop dancers

Mayari Dance Collective - ADP American Tribal Style troupe

Yoga - Free to ADP Students and open to public at drop-in rates

Sitha Performing Arts -- ADP's East Indian dance instructor (Facebook page)

Great Plains Renaissance Festival - come see Amira's Canvas Casbah 

Wichita Asian Association - come see ADP's Sithanjali Dancers at Asian Festival and Diwali

Wichita's Historic Orpheum Theatre - our annual show venue

Historic Delano District - ADP's home in Wichita and host to great events

Wichita River Festival - see ADP dancers each year