Introductory packages

$65: 8 weeks/1 class per week (one hour)

$95: 8 weeks/2 classes per week (two hours)

​(Introductory packages include FREE 45-minute Stretch & Reach class at 5:45 p.m. Tuesdays.)

Basics classes are interchangeable within the introductory price.

$10: Drop-in fee to take one class

FREE: Observation of a class with instructor's consent​   

Continuing student fees   
Monthly continuing student fees are based on the number of hours of classes  a student takes weekly. Special pricing for certain combinations of classes.

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You can pay for intro and continuing student packages by PayPal!

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Amira's basics dance classes are designed to introduce you to the world of cultural dance, providing a sense of well-being and self-confidence by giving our students a feeling of accomplishment and improved self image. Dance training improves coordination and discipline while toning muscles, reshaping your body and feeding your heart!

Entertainment for your event

Basics Classes and Fees

* 2x month Rhythms class (2nd & 4th Thurs)

* Aug. 22 Hula workshop

* Free 1st Wednesday Zoom bellydance basics


Amira's offers classes in a variety of styles in addition to our basics. Explore the world of dance and fitness with our instructors!

Other Classes And fees

Classes with drop-in fees

The following classes can be paid on a drop-in basis:

Ballroom: $10 

K-pop: $10

Zumba®: $10

Pilates Plus: $10

Rhythms: $5 per hour

Hoops: $5 per hour

All beginner classes of cabaret basics, hula, ATS and ITS also have $10 drop-in fees for one class. If you decide to enroll immediately after taking the class, the $10 drop-in fee is applied to your enrollment fee

Amira Dance Productions is proud to offer a wide variety of dancers or dance troupes to entertain your guests at your next event! Please contact us via email to discuss rates and availability.