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1702 W Douglas, Wichita, KS 67203


 ADP's mission: Dedicated to enriching lives through teaching, educating and   performing of cultural dances

 ADP's vision: ​​To create a welcoming community of dancers who share the joy of   dance

Founded in 1974, Amira Dance Productions is Wichita's longest-running, community dance studio offering instruction and performances in various cultural dance styles from across the globe: Middle Eastern bellydancing, East Indian, flamenco from Spain, Rromany, hula from the Polynesian Islands, ballroom, and the fun craze of hula hoops and tribal styles invented in America. Classes are also offered in drumming and yoga.

Our dance studio was founded by Alice Castilow, who also co-founded the Metropolitan Ballet of Wichita. Castilow, who took the stage name Amira, was among the first dance instructors in Wichita to offer belly dance. She studied Middle Eastern dance in New York City, with the famed choreographer and dance troupe founder, Ibrahim "Bobby" Farrah, who taught many of America's early belly dancers in the 1970s.

She also embraced other forms of dance, including flamenco, folkloric and Polynesian, teaching them to her students as well. 

Following her death of cancer in 2004, two of her longtime students - Patricia Baab and Elisa Montoya -  took over management of the studio and grew its number of staff, students and class offerings.

The studio is known for its annual dance show that  educates and entertains Wichita audiences with cultural dances, as well as performances at community and private events.

Top photo: Amira, founder of Amira Dance Productions

Bottom photo: Patricia Baab and Elisa Montoya, co-directors of Amira Dance Productions

Sharing the joy of dance in Wichita for decades


​Bellydancing the star of Dance Magic showThe Wichita Eagle, ​March 5, 2015

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