Watch this trailer from our 2020 Dancy Odyssey show on YouTube!

2021 Dance Odyssey Reflections

virtual show

Amira Dance Productions, Wichita's longest-running community dance studio, will present its 46th annual dance show straight to your living room in March 2021.

Buy your ticket now through Eventbrite to catch an on-demand viewing of Dance Odyssey Reflections anytime between 7 p.m. (Central Standard Time) Saturday, March 13, and 10 p.m. (Central Daylight Time) Monday, March 15. Tickets for a one-time viewing are $20, plus handling fees. 

Reflections is a powerful word, allowing us to reflect on the past, the present and the future, no matter how unstable it may be. That's why we've chosen it as the theme for our 46th annual show. From the comfort of your couch, you will see Amira dancers perform numbers that embody that theme — with costuming, revivals and adaptations of previous show numbers and even an improvisational number that takes place in the moment. Performances are being filmed on the stage of one of Wichita's grandest 1920s-era theaters, the Crown Uptown.

Founded in 1974 as a studio teaching Middle Eastern dancing, commonly known as belly dancing, ADP has grown to include about a dozen groups of different dance styles, including bellydancing, Polynesian, American Tribal Style, Improvisational Transnational Style, hula hoops, K-pop, ballroom and other dance style numbers. 

​How to watch ADP’s virtual 2021 Dance Odyssey Reflections Show

In a nutshell
The 2021 Dance Odyssey Reflections virtual show will be available on demand from 7 p.m. CST Saturday, March 13, until 10 p.m. CDT Monday, March 15, through a private YouTube viewing. All ticketholders must have an Eventbrite account to access the Ticket Order section of their account, which provides the link to the event. The link is only accessible by logging into your Eventbrite account. Each ticketholder has been provided with a unique link that may used for a one-time viewing only. You may pause the playback and we have also built in an intermission between the two acts to allow for you to enjoy a quick break.

Dance numbers were filmed Saturday, March 6, 2021, in the Crown Uptown Theatre in Wichita, Kansas, with no audience in attendance. Any crowd noises you hear on the video were taken from the soundtracks of previous live show recordings.

FAQs and more information

Q: How do I watch the show?
A: The show will be available as a private YouTube link and can be watched at any time during the on-demand window (7 p.m. CST Saturday, March 13, until 10 p.m. CDT Monday, March 15). See the section below on how to get access the link if you have a ticket.

Q: How often can I view the show while it’s on-demand?
A. Each $20 ticket is good only for a one-time viewing. Be sure to schedule your viewing time accordingly so you can enjoy the entire show. While you may pause the playback to return to the show, we also have built in a brief intermission between the two acts to allow you to take a break. The video comprises opening credits, a first act, intermission with sponsor and upcoming event information, second act and final show credits, and is about a 90-minute run.

Q: When do ticket sales end?
A. At 7 p.m. CDT Monday, March 15.

Q: I got a ticket but how do I get the link?
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1. Select "Claim Your Order" in the email you received from Eventbrite.
When someone registers a ticket for you and enters your email address on the order, you'll receive an email from Eventbrite to claim your ticket. Just select "Claim Your Order" and you'll be taken to Eventbrite.

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3. Access your ticket online or on the Eventbrite app.

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