2 hours of weekly classes:$63

Take care of your monthly membership tuition online:

1. Determine the number of class hours you enroll in each week. (Do not include your FREE 45-minute Stretch & Reach class.)

2. Choose the Add to Cart button that corresponds with that number to process your payment with PayPal. (Rakaset Habibi, Mayari Dance Collective & Muse students: Note the discounted add-on price for your basics class at the bottom of the menu.)

3. If you are paying after the 10th of the month, please remember to add the late fee Add to Cart button.

Please note: Additional processing fees are included when paying online.

Monthly fee: $32

4 hours of weekly classes: $93

Ready to take a basics class? You can register and PAY NOW for your introductory package.

The process will take two steps:

1. Fill out the registration form and click Submit

2. Complete your registration by paying for your classes with PayPal.

* Additional processing fees are included when paying online.

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For students wanting to add the  K-pop class, check the Special Classes/Events section of this online payment page.


K-pop workshop class -- meets weekly on Saturdays

2.5 hours of weekly classes: $73

​​1.5 hour of weekly classes: $52 


3 hours of weekly classes: $78

Discounted add-on K-pop class fee for students taking at least 2 hours of ADP class per week: $16

Add-on basics class for troupe members of

Rakaset Habibi, Mayari Dance Collective & Muse: $11 

Drop-in payment for one beginner class of cabaret basics, ATS or ITS or one ballroom class: $11

If paying your ADP tuition/monthly membership fees after the 10th of the month, please add the following late fee: $11

Drop-in payment for one beginner hula hoops class or Middle East Rhythms class: $6

1 hour of weekly classes: $32

ADP refund policy for special, limited class package purchases: 80% refund, minus online processing fees if paid via PayPal, with 48-hour cancellation notice.

4.5 hours of weekly classes: $98



5+ hours of weekly classes: $104


​​1 basics class per week for 8 weeks (new student only), includes FREE 45-minute Stretch & Reach class at 5:45 p.m. Tuesdays: $68*

3.5 hours of weekly classes: $85

2 basics classes for each week for 8 weeks (new student only) includes FREE 45-minute Stretch & Reach class at 5:45 p.m. Tuesdays: $99*

IMPORTANT: When paying online for your ADP basics class(es), please provide verification of payment to your teacher (print your receipt or show your email confirmation to the teacher from your mobile device) on your first day of class. You'll be asked to complete a registration and liability form at your first class.

Intro package expires 1 year from purchase